New Song!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Has anybody heard the new super junior song Mr. Simple?

well if you haven't heard it then you should. Okay so basically i just want to share about the song in this post.

What i read in the description(on YouTube) Mr. Simple is about being a person who isn't taking

everything too serious and just take it easy and simple. Now i want to tell you about the MV, in the MV

Heechul looked like Severus Snape(Harry Potter) and Eunhyuk blond hair make me almost think he is GDragon(Big Bang) but then i look more closely and i realised that Eunhyuk and GDragon does not have any similarities they only have same hair color.

 (sorry for typo and what i wrote is based on my opinion and last but not least sorry for my bad grammar)


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