The World of 2NE1

Sunday, December 4, 2011
First i have to tell you a secret,
that i am a.....
today post is about 2NE1
[2NE1 (Hangul: 투애니원; Japanese: トゥエニィワン; RR: Tuaeniwon; shortform of New Evolution 21st Century; pronounced "to anyone" or "twenty-one")]

Lets start with their profile :

Omo!! is that the Baddest Female in Seoul City ?

Lee Chae-rin 

She is the awesome leader of 2NE1,
Born in Seoul, South  Korea 
 February 26, 1991 (young but very talented)
Fun Facts about the Baddest Female :
- She used to live in France 
- She can speak Korean, French, Japanese and English
- Featured in G-Dragon’s song “The Leaders” (2009)
- Did a duet with Minzy named “Please Don’t Go” (2009)
- Featured in Dara’s song “Kiss” (2009).
Park Bom 

The Beauty with amazing voice 
yes that is Park Bom
Born in Seoul, South  Korea 
March 24, 1984 (she looks young)
Fun Facts about Bommie :
- Started solo career with ‘You and I” (2009), continued with “Don’t Cry”
- Featured in GD&TOP’s “Oh Yeah” single (2010)
- She can speak English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean
- She used to live in the United States
- She love corn. 

Sandara Park

The Unique Pretty Girl Dara
Sandara Park or Dara
Born in Busan, South  Korea 
November 12, 1984 (it's like she never aged)
Fun Facts about Pretty Girl Dara :
- Sister of Thunder, member of boy band MBLAQ (beauty runs in the family)
- Debuted as an actress (2004) in the Philippines before joining 2NE1
- Went solo with Kiss (2009)
- She is naturally very skinny
- She can speak Korean, Tagalog and English
- She used to live in the Philippines.

Gong Minji

The Dancing Girl Minzy
Gong Minji or Minzy
Born in Seoul, South  Korea 
January 18, 1994 (young and very talented)
Fun Facts about The Dancing Girl Minzy :
- Did a duet with CL named “Please Don’t Go” (2009)
- She speaks limited English
- She is known for her incredible dancing and popping skills
- She was discovered through a dance video on YouTube
- She has strong muscles and abs.

Now you know about the amazing girls of 2NE1,
Lets SPAZZ together Hahaha....

2NE1 with BIG BANG for LG Lolipop (2009)
 From 2NE1 MV "Go Away"(2010)

From "Can't Nobody" MV (2010)