Holiday in Bangkok

Saturday, August 13, 2011
                Hi! :D
Today i want to share about my last holiday. Last holiday i went to Bangkok with my family and i experience Lot's of things. So i want to share about 4 good things in Bangkok :D

1. The Food
      The food in Bangkok is cheap but extremely delicious.
     I bought a Hainanese Chicken Rice it cost me 40 Bath so if you change it to Indonesian Rupiah it'll
     be around 12.000 IDR, so if you change it to dollar it will be $1 or $2 dollar i think. 1 Thailand bath
is 300 IDR.    

2. The View
 This is the view of Bangkok city at night.
This picture was taken personally by me from the balcony of a hotel room.
The mesmerizing view of Bangkok city at night, if you go to the highest place in Bangkok
you'll be able to see the everything that Bangkok have.
(Bangkok city at noon[photo taken by me])

3. The Temple 
There are so many temple in Bangkok, but me and my family didn't visit all the temple
because we don't have many time in Bangkok. The first temple i visit is Wat Arun
(the girl in the picture is my sister)
this temple is located near the Chao Praya River (i think it's the name) 
so after you visit the temple you can ride a boat to cross the river.
i visited many temple but i think i will only share about this temple only hehe.. *peace sign*.

4. The Mall  
Bangkok have many Mall's but i only visit two mall :( because we don't have many time.
The mall in Bangkok is huge and spacious i really like being there.
There are Lot's of store like forever 21, top shop, miss sixty, and many more.

 This is all that i want to share. i hope you like it :)


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